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Fumi Track Gas Detectors

Fumi Track Gas Detectors

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Fumi Track Gas Detectors

Phosphine, Methyl bromide and Sulfuryl Fluoride are highly specific fumigants used to control a number of pests in a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops and in wood products. Fumigation is carried out by enclosing the commodities within a leak proof enclosure and applying the fumigant at an adequate concentration for an extended period of time. Eg. Phosphine may be applied at a concentration ranging from 400 to 2000 ppm for a period of 5 to 21 days. As a process control measure it is necessary to monitor the fumigant concentrations throughout the period of fumigation. For this application, an online fumigation gas monitor is the right choice. This can periodically monitor the fumigation gas concentration from up to 4 different locations. The gas concentration readings can be stored in the inbuilt instrument memory, which can then be transferred to a PC equipped with customized Graphic User Interface (GUI) software. After each measurement cycle the data can also be remotely communicated by GSM short text messaging to mobile phone and also uploaded to a web serve

FEATURES :-  > For high range monitoring of fumigation concentrations of PH / MBr / SF 3
> Advanced micro-processor based technology
> Highly accurate electrochemical fuel cell technology used for PH3 monitoring
> Easy to program and use
> Powerful suction pump 100 m suction capacity
> Housed in a tough Pelican Storm Case weather and water-proof
> Inbuilt memory capacity of 1000+ data values
> Bluetooth and GSM connectivity options

APPLICATIONS ;-> Fumigators
> Warehousing Companies
> Grain Silo owners
> Tobacco industry 

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