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Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps are small compact pumping devices that are widely used for the dispensing, filling, dosing, sampling and transferring applications. These are popular in pharmaceutical industries to fill the syrup bottles with exact volumes.

Digital Refractometers
The Digital Refractometers are utilized to measure the refractive index of solid, liquid, geland others. They are also used to determine the samples concentration. These have several operative benefits as the analytic modalities. They are inexpensive and offer rapid measurement is and accurate quantitation. 
Aerosol Food and Beverages Testing Instruments
The Aerosol Food and Beverages Testing Instruments are utilized to test the antimicrobial products. These are valuable for determining the effect of antimicrobial mediators on microorganisms. They are of utmost use and ensure precision and accuracy in all possible aspects. 
CO2 and Helium Gas Purity Testers are the testing instruments that are made up of precise equipments and the highly calibrated systems for the detection of percentage value of gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and other present in the atmosphere. 
The Digital Polarimeters are useful for the optical activities of the substance. These are suited for passing the polarized light. These are utilized for the determination of the concentration and purity of ingredients. They can also do the measurement of the sugar content in candies as well as beverages.
Refractometers are the portable instruments that are widely used in food processing and liquid beverage industries to measure the sugar content and the concentration of the solution to improve the production quality. 

Bostwick Consistometer
The Bostwick Consistometer is a widely preferred choice that is suited for measuring the flow rate as well as consistency in several products. It can be used on many viscous materials such as salad dressings, paints, sauces, cosmetics and chemicals. 
Contact Angle Meters
With the utilization of Contact Angle Meters, users can compare the effects of various surface treatments as well as various surface conditions. These are offered with wettability, surface energy and lubricity. 
The Variable Angle Ellipsometer is utilized for measuring the optical properties and thickness of assorted thin film physicals. This is suited for examining the polarized light. It is accessible with good measuring data. It is appreciable for its non-destructive character and wide measurement range. 
The Spectrophotometer is utilized to automate the process of color control. This is utilized to collect and distribute the data. It is utilized to reduce the waste and amends color quality control. It can measure any substance which take in light. 
Vision Inspection Systems for Plastic Sheet are the highly sensitive detection equipment which is used to measure the thickness and to check the fragile points where the risk of failure are relatively high. 
We manufacture and supply top quality and highly sensitive Headspace Gas Analyser that are made from microprocessor digital system to give the accurate results in the form of percentage values.
Cooking Oil Testers
The Cooking Oil Testers are made to display the purity of cooking oils while its process of measurement. These have ad is play signaling function and allow for a rapid detection of the measurement result series. It is a robust and cost-saving tester of advanced utility. 
Torque Testers are the testing instruments to measure the opening and closing torque of a screwing caps that are placed on the plastic bottles of water, juice, soda and other beverage drinks. 

We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Belts with various designs as per their application areas that can used as the transmission elements and can also be utilized as the supporting component for material handling.
Gas Volume Testers
The Gas Volume Testers are applicable for measuring the content of CO2 in carbonated drinks. These have digital operation and show correct output. They are featured with a piercing system, Thermometer, pressure gauge, Vent valve etc. 
Burst Testers are useful in identifying the weak points in many materials. These are accessible with advanced performance and good safety features. These are utilized to perform the destructive test and can also perceive the pressure overload capacity.
The Vision Inspection Systems are demanded for the industries where quality control is essential. They are accessible with improved efficiency in sorting, packing, manufacturing lines, and others. These have automated use and are apt for quality inspection process.
Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Indoor Air Quality Monitor is used for different analysis. This is demanded for performance monitoring of HVAC system, air quality engineering study, mould investigation and comfort assessment. This is used at Airport lounges, malls and shopping offices.
The HVAC Combustion Analyzers are the instruments offered with assorted multifunctional capabilities. They can calculate the competence of numerous types of heaters, boilers and furnaces. They monitor gas levels, stack temperature, flue pressure, and other parameters. 
Portable Analyzer
Portable analyzers have a substantial share of the Nova Analytical product line. They are apt for temporary as well as sporadic analysis of individual sample points. They have repeatable accuracy and are suited for the offshore applications. 
Liquid Crystal Testing Instruments
Liquid Crystal Testing Instruments availed by us are capable for the measurement of the important parameters of both positive and negative nematic crystals. They are completely automatic in operation and are very easy to use due to simple user interface.
Digital Analytical Instruments are the devices that can be used in industries and laboratories which deals with the measurement of various physical and chemical properties such as viscosity, octane number, flash point, distillation curve pH, conductivity, density, chemical composition, etc.
Leak Testers are the test equipments that are used to measure the tightness of the crown star cap which is used for covering the top ends of the glass bottles. They are made of best quality and highly sensitive materials to give accurate results. 
Beverage Gas Monitoring System are the industrial devices that are used for the variety of beverage CO2 applications for water, soft carbonated drinks, beer etc. Buy these premium grade products in bulk from us at low cost.

Online Density Meters
Online Density Meters are the small measuring instrument having a compact size and a light weight construction which make them portable and easy to use. These are used to determine the concentration of liquids such as water, chemicals and industrial solvents.