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Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps are small compact pumping devices that are widely used for the dispensing, filling, dosing, sampling and transferring applications. These are popular in pharmaceutical industries to fill the syrup bottles with exact volumes.

CO2 and Helium Gas Purity Tester
CO2 and Helium Gas Purity Testers are the testing instruments that are made up of precise equipments and the highly calibrated systems for the detection of percentage value of gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and other present in the atmosphere. 
Refractometers are the portable instruments that are widely used in food processing and liquid beverage industries to measure the sugar content and the concentration of the solution to improve the production quality. 

Torque Testers
Torque Testers are the testing instruments to measure the opening and closing torque of a screwing caps that are placed on the plastic bottles of water, juice, soda and other beverage drinks. 
Industrial Belts

We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Belts with various designs as per their application areas that can used as the transmission elements and can also be utilized as the supporting component for material handling.
Liquid Crystal Testing Instruments
Liquid Crystal Testing Instruments availed by us are capable for the measurement of the important parameters of both positive and negative nematic crystals. They are completely automatic in operation and are very easy to use due to simple user interface.
Digital Analytical Instrument
Digital Analytical Instruments are the devices that can be used in industries and laboratories which deals with the measurement of various physical and chemical properties such as viscosity, octane number, flash point, distillation curve pH, conductivity, density, chemical composition, etc.
Leak Testers
Leak Testers are the test equipments that are used to measure the tightness of the crown star cap which is used for covering the top ends of the glass bottles. They are made of best quality and highly sensitive materials to give accurate results. 
Online Density Meters
Online Density Meters are the small measuring instrument having a compact size and a light weight construction which make them portable and easy to use. These are used to determine the concentration of liquids such as water, chemicals and industrial solvents.