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Micro Biological Air Sampler

Micro Biological Air Sampler

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Product Description

Micro Biological Air Sampler

Airborne Biological Sampling is a porous-absorbing type device for sampling airborne biological and works with high efficiency, and is designed on basic of isokinetic sampling principle. The wind speed at the inlet on the sampling head is consistent with the one in clean room so it can sample directly and rapidly to reflect the biological concentration of room. When sampling, the airborne biological absorbed by the micro-holes with high speed and is bumped on the surface of agar in Petri dish. After dynamic hydration process, the microbes grow very fast thus as the sampling result will be gotten in short time.

Specification :

1. There are numberless micro-holes on the sampling head to make the microbes spread on agar evenly to reduce the counting difference.

2. Sampling flow: 100L/min.

3. Flow speed at inlet on sampling head: 0.38m/s, which is nearly consistent with the wind speed in room. (isokinetic sampling).

4. The sampling amount can be set up from 0.01 to 2.0 m.

5. Use standard Petri dish (90*15)

6. Power Supply: AC&DC; battery should be charged with DC (7.8V) and could work consistently for 3h after charging.

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