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Polycarbonate Multiwall Analyzer

Polycarbonate Multiwall Analyzer

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Polycarbonate Multiwall Analyzer


The Polycarbonate Multiwall Analyzer is a fully automatic, in-line thickness inspection system designed specifically for multi-wall (hollow) sheet manufacturers. The system is the first of its kind and the only one capable of measuring wall thickness of all walls on the sheet automatically on the line.

Many multi-wall manufacturers still measure wall thickness manually using a micrometer on a sample taken at the end of the production line. Because of the relatively low production speed, the long production line length and the time needed to take the actual measurements, the micrometer measurement done at any given time represents the condition of the line 10 minutes to 1 hour ago, depending on the line speed. The measurement is also inaccurate as it involves applying the micrometer force manually on the soft plastic material.


The system automatically scans the thickness of each wall (top, bottom and internal walls if necessary) in under 25 seconds. After each scan, the software produces a report of the wall thickness that corresponds to each of the adjusting screws, according to the die in use. The results show the operator which screws they need to adjust and by exactly how much. Since the system is mounted close to the calibrator, the feedback on any change to the adjustment screws is almost immediate!


The Polycarbonate Multiwall Analyzer allows for manufacturing at a lower tolerance than ever before, as close as possible to the minimum weight requirements while enabling higher quality and even distribution of the material throughout the product. This can save the plant tens of thousands of dollars per year, per line.

Several units have been working for over a year at a leading hollow PC sheet manufacturer and they have improved the plants quality, reduced setup times between die changeovers and saved money in scrap and reduced down time


Automatic scanning system

The Polycarbonate Multiwall Analyzer automatically scans the sheet at predetermined intervals with no operator involvement.

Line operator toolbox

Significant savings in labor, raw materials, lost production time, scrap and more.

Clear and useful documentation

Measurement reports are sorted by adjusting screw and heating zone, directing operators which screws to adjust and by how much or whether to change the heating zone temperatures

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