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Product Description

  • Quality By Vision is the exclusive manufacturer of the STANNOMATIC method of measuring Tin Coating thickness and Chrome Coating thickness. The older Stannomatic systems are now superseded by a new system: The STANNOMetal 9000 coulometer.
  • STANNOMetal 9000 is now the first product to provide accurate tin coating thickness (tin plating analysis) using the Windows TM operating system. It is a computerized coulometric metal thickness gauge for tin plated steel.
  • The system uses new electrolytic/coulometric hardware and software. These coulometer cells are used by STANNOMetal to inspect tinplate samples, and perform thickness measurement testing on the tin plated ferrum.
  • The operator inserts the metal sample (strip, or actual sample coated with tin) into the cell. Electrolytic fluid fills the cell and the cell is closed. Next, the measurement process can proceed, with top only, top & bottom or 3x top and bottom measurements. Profiles are presented for each of the tin plate steel measurements. The data can be zoomed in or modified as needed. The next measurement can take place, or a new measurement, using a new standard.
  • The system contains preset ASTM, EURONORM, ISO and BSI standards. The operator can also add custom standards to the system. Only selected standards are presented to increase productivity.
  • Different speed programs are available to all standards (fast, medium, slow, and combination speeds). This allows for an accurate metal thickness gauging for both thin and thick coatings.
  • Quality By Vision offers the same type of measurement device previously only found on DOS systems, now under most versions of Windows.
  • With this new design, this system will provide quick and easy measurements with very little knowledge required from the operator.
  • The systems are produced for both steel mills (tinplate manufacturers) as well as customers for tinplate steel (in particular, can makers).
  • Chemical (destructive test).
  • Coulometric testing system
  • Live profiling graphs of the deplating process
  • Especially designed for tin plated steel!
  • Accurate to 1% or better!
  • Measures Tin and Alloy on tinplated Ferrum.
  • Profiles can be saved for future reference.
  • Reports, statistics graphs.
  • Export to external programs.
  • Multilingual! Translation to local language is free.
  • Runs under WindowsTM.
  • Various versions for different types of customers.
  • ASTM STD A630 Method B (The Referee method)
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