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Texture Analyzer

Texture Analyzer

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Texture Analyzer

Texturometer Or Texture Analyzer & Gelatin Gel Strength Test

The Agrosta®Texturometer Version 1 has been designed in order to provide to researchers a simple and reliable tool to determine : Freshness, spreadability Tenderness, Springiness, Gumminess, Hardness, Firmness, Consistency, Fracturability etc of a variety of Food Products and soft material.

- You select the stroke between 5, 10, 15 and 20 mm.

The machine applies automatically 1 movement, comes back, and applies a second pressure with same stroke and different speed. The first movement is for firmness measurement- The second pressure determines the springiness. The second pressure determines the springiness. Around 40 measurements aredisplayed and recorded for each pressure.The Texturometer displays a curve, and you can export those measurements to Excel.

Three factors are calculated :- -

  • The maximal first pressure, which indicates the firmness / tenderness level
  • The maximal second pressure, which indicates the capacity of the material to recover its origin configuration (Form memory
  • The non-springiness index in percentage
  • The curve profile indicates the gumminess of the material

A voltage booster has been embedded in this last version in order to keep accuracyeven with low battery levels of laptops or tabletsPressure capacity : from 300 grams to 10 Kg (Can be configured in Newtons and Lb)

Provided with :-

  • A software for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • 2 Beakers
  • One plate (You can chose to use a beaker or a plate)
  • 5 different tips
  • A power supply & a USB cable
  • A certificate of conformity -A manual
It is also used as  

Gelatin Gel Strength Tester

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