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Many companies today are welding food cans using a welding system such as the Sudronic copper wire system. However, not all companies are monitoring the quality of the welds to ensure that the can is fully airtight and sealed hermetically!

The new Welding Analyzer by Quality By Vision is a wonderful tool for inspecting welding points accurately and easily.

By inspecting the Nugget and Extrusion of the welding points, this system can easily analyze the quality of the welding. Measurements can be taken inside and outside the can. Special optics make the Extrusion particularly easy to see and measure.

By validating these distances, the system can verify that the welding routine is being processed properly.

Newly designed version of the software and hardware dramatically improves both picture quality and functionality.

Using this measurement tool, the accurate positioning of the welding points can be verified. If the points are too close together or too far apart the speed of the welding machine can be altered.


The unit can measure:

  • Welding point Nugget size

  • Welding point Extrusion

In addition, the unit can measure additional measurements such as rivet diameter, as well as other measurement types.



~0.0004 (4 ten thousandths)






Focus, light, angle, position

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