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Portable Analyzer

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Digital Tesla Meter or Gauss Meter

Price: 11000-12000 INR/Piece

Digital Tesla meter is a portable, multifunctional magnetic field measuring. instrument equipped with high sensitivity, low drift hall sensor, and the application of advanced digital signal processing technology.

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Magnetic pole Detector

Price: 3200-3500 INR/Piece

Magnetic pole Detector is a fast, easy and safe tool which is used to identify the polarity of magnetic field.

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Phosphorus in Food Analyzer

Price: 500000 INR/Unit

For detection of S, P, Cd, Pb, Hg, As and other elements in food and palm oil.

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Portable Analyzer XRF Expert Mobile.

Price: 500000 INR/Unit

The technology is used in applications where metals, ceramics. glass, building materials have to be examined. Also in geochemistry, forensic research and archeology.